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End Corruption by stopping the endless waste, fraud, and abuse in the Town of Brookhaven. Call out pay to play politics and end the hold of special interests in town government and one-party rule. 

Improve Community Advocacy by enhancing and educating residents on the Brookhaven Call Center, improving departmental response time, and reducing taxes for working and middle-income families. 

Enhance Residential Recycling by making it easier, not burdensome for taxpayers. We need to ensure that our tax dollars get put to good use. That means implementing weekly pickup of plastic, paper, cardboard, and aluminum/metals; and expand the types of plastics that get collected.

Increase Environmental Safety by enhancing oversight for clean water and addressing the need for the county, state, and federal funds to repair our sewage system. 

Improve Our Roads by ending the zip code lottery and put our residents first. 

Incentivize Small Businesses with Economic Development Zones and provide rebates for start-ups and family-owned enterprises.

Increase Vocational Training Opportunities by promoting entrepreneurialism and building relationships between innovators and local public school leaders to provide youth training programs. 

Curb Overdevelopment by putting a check on big developers and advance a sustainable affordable housing agenda. 

Committee to Elect Talat Hamdani
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